Water Purifier

  • Power: 10 liters/hour, ensuring adequate drinking water for your family
  • Power-saving with automatic solenoid valve
  • Automatically wash RO membrane prior to filtrationy
  • 2 taps, 3 functions Hot – RO – Cold
  • Hot water temperature 80-90ºC
  • Cold water temperature 10-15ºC.

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Double Faucet – 3 Settings Hot Cool Cold Water Purifier KG19A3 is the latest Kangaroo product line with many preeminent features and is a major breakthrough in tap water filtration technology in Vietnam.

Convenient with 2 taps HOT – COLD

– Hot taps with temperature up to 90ºC conveniently serves all needs like tea, coffee, instant noodle making, etc.

Heating capacity is 1 Liter

– Cold tap gives cold water ranging from 10-15ºC, very refreshing to quench your thirst


The water purifier is equipped with power-saving with solenoid valve that is automatically shuts off in case of insufficient input pressure, stops when the tank is full.

Separate power supply for Heating / Cooling mode so that it can power / disconnect heating/cooling mode without affecting RO water purifier.

Automatically washing RO membrane

With the automatically washing RO membrane, the device will increase its life expectancy and ensure the performance of RO purifier cartridges.

RO membrane is made of special material that can remove solids, heavy metal ions, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, organic substances 10­-3 Water flowing through RO membrane is purified 99.99% and can be drunk directly without the need of boiling

Small and elegant design

With small design, the water purifider is used widely for space optimization.

Power: 10-15 l/h, ensure adequate drinking water for 6-7 people/day


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