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[10 stage water Purifier and Dispenser]

PuricareEnjoy an Healthy Lifestyle

Choose a healthy lifestyle with the innovative, aesthetic,
reverse osmosis, cost effective, eco-friendly, reverse osmosis filmtec membrane – made in USA, Nano Silver antibacterial technology.

Puricare provides the safest purifying system for the office, home, church and other open places at very affordable price. cutting off the cost of bottle replacememnt, and placing the purification process fully in your hands.

Drink safe, drink life drink from puricare!

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Puricare gives you that long lasting healthy lifestyle!!!

Get your 10 stage purified water dispenser from Puricare!
Removes all impurities and pathogens.
Smart water with touch screen operation.
Ultraviolet rays and Reverse osmosis purification system
fit for home, office, church, and open places
very affordable (saves you up to 600k on consumed water cost)
very low energy consumption or voltage.
globally certified
No bottle or can replacement Palava or cost
hot and cold-water dispensing options
Easy to install
12 months warranty


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We pride in rendering quality services and products to all our customers


Water Dispenser

Puricare in partnership with global brands provides certified and verified water purifiers and dispensers for the african market.


Home Appliances

Provision of healthy lifestyle equipment and systems for home use, this includes anti-bacteria refrigerators, solar-powered heaters etc. Our goal is to ensure you get all that is necessary for the healthy lifestyle you desire


Office Healthy Lifestyle Appliances

85% of the working-class population spend 70% of their day at the workplace. Puricare exists to provide quality tools needed to encourage and sustain a productive work-life balance.

We acquired the dispenser in my office and its been so cost-effective and has reduced our water budget by 86%. I sure recommend it

  • [ Dr. David Johnson ]
  • Co-founder

I finally got a lasting solution to clean and pure water for my family...

  • [ Bolaji Opesanmi ]
  • Beautician and mother

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